Who writes The Bigger Picture?

Hi, I am Rodrigo

It took me 44 years to begin to see clearly.

Endless professional transitions, and drastic swings of the pendulum in my personal life, led to darkness.

With time, deep reflection, and divine intervention with friends from The Grand, my path became illuminated.

I began to understand my seemingly disconnected path, and see more clearly what I was designed to do: help others become who they are meant to be through coaching.

The Bigger Picture is a bit of a personal self-coaching journal.

Reminders to my future self. To help me become who I am meant to be, by offering insights for calm, clarity and perspective.

I openly share it with you, so it may serve you.

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Where could you start?

Here are three places you could start, each offering something different:

Where else could you find me?

If you would like to learn a bit more about me, I warmly invite you to check out my 1-1 personal coaching site and twitter.

Thank you for reading The Bigger Picture.